Upsetting Things People Forget Taking A Driving Exam

It is understandable to forget things especially when you are too anxious about something. This is something that many people experience when they are taking a test or having an important exam – and this is something that makes one frustrated.  

When doing driving lessons, there will be a point that you will need to have a driving exam to pass and be able to apply for a driving license — and yes, there is a chance that you might blow this up just because you forget one thing.  

In this article, we gathered some of the most common things that students taking a driving exam usually forget. Read through the article and avoid falling prey to these situations.  

Most of the students we interviewed usually forgot to: 

1. Be consistent with accelerating and breaking 

The one that administers the driving test wants to see a driver that is confident about how she/he handles the wheel on the road. This involves not having to break every time something difficult is being experienced on the road. It is important that you gently accelerate from any stop and you keep even pacing and speed while still driving before having a gentle stop at red lights or signs. Frequent sudden breaks and stops manifests anxiousness and unpreparedness.  

2. Follow a safe distance 

When you are taking a road test, it is important that you let the administrator see you are able to keep a safe distance from any car on the road. If someone is right behind you, slow down a bit to allow more space between you too. And oh, a pro tip that will help you gain extra points: inform your examiner why you back off a bit. If she is able to see your confidence on the decision you made, she/he will appreciate the judgment call.  

3.Overuse the signals rather than underuse them 

This is important because if you fail to use the signal in times of necessity, you will lose some points. So, when you are in doubt, always use the signal. It is better to play safe rather than create mistakes. 

4.Rushing through a parking lot 

Because this is something that most people believe they could show off, most drivers tend to rush on a parking lot. If you want to impress your examiner, we suggest that you avoid rushing and trying so hard to master the skill during the exam. There is a time for everything and having a driving exam is not the best time for showing off.  

It is better if you approach things very safely and slowly. Leave a good and safe distance between the other cars and yours. 

5.Learn how to do a good curve 

You will know that someone is a good driver when they curve smoothly. Well, this is something that most beginners fail to master. So, if you are taking the driving exam days after this day, we recommend that you practice this. Your examiner will not feel sure about your driving is she/he feels that you are jerking while doing a turn.  

We gave you five common things that most students taking a driving exam forget. It is now time for you to decide how to avoid and master all of these while you are still days far from the driving exam.  

Hiring the Right Window Installer

Are you planning to replace your old windows? If that’s the case, then you need to hire the right window installer. We all know that installing a new window will save you money, lower drafts, and seal the envelope of your house. However, before you can achieve all of these benefits, you have to ensure that the window is properly installed


Because of that, you need to know how to look for a professional window installer when you are considering replacing old windows. If you don’t, you can void the warranty of your double glazed windows and end up having underperforming windows.  

Today, we are going to share with you a couple of tips on how to hire the right window installer. 

Time Frame and Bid 

If you already have a couple of reliable window installers, you should request for bids and check them. You should know the cost and specifications of the windows, how long the job will take, and when the contractor can start the job. It is well worth to spend more on high-quality windows that will lower drafts in your home and last longer. This will lower your energy bills.  

If all potential contractors have the same aspects, you will want to choose one who can quickly get rid of the windows and replace them. This will lower the disruption in your home. You should also be careful of contractors who remove all the windows first then install the new ones the next day. You might have to sleep inside a house without any windows if this is the case.  

A reliable window installer will thoroughly explain their time frame and bid. If you’ve got questions, they will answer it right away. It is a warning sign if the installer does not know the details or does not answer the questions.  

Warranty and Guarantee 

Reliable window installers will offer warranties. This will give you an idea that they stand by their job. This will also protect you. Unreliable contractors don’t offer this. This means that you’ve got to cover any window repairs because of subpar installation. When looking for potential contractors, you should always ask about customer satisfaction guarantees and warranties.  

Hire an Installer with Excellent Reviews 

A reliable installer can build credibility and trust through certifications and licenses. They show that a window installer understands what they’re doing.  

You should also ask previous clients for testimonials and ask them how satisfied they are with the job of the contractor. It is also ideal to ask the previous client if they’ll hire the installer again in the future.  

Years of Experience 

A window installer that has been offering services for a couple of years means that they are doing their job properly. If they’ve been in the industry for a lot of years, it means that they’ve got happy clients and a professional installation process. Aside from that, an experienced installer means that he/she knows how to properly install any types or forms of windows. This will offer you peace of mind.  

How to Start a Plumbing Business

Plumbers are on high demand nowadays. The number of households is increasing, as well as plumbing problems encountered in each household. This could mean too that there will be many opportunities for you if you start your own plumbing business. Successful plumbing business like plumber near me went into careful business planning and marketing to be known and heard of in the industry. You can do the same thing, by following the guideline and techniques below.  

Step 1: Gain Skills and Experience 

Before you start a business, you should have the necessary skills and knowledge about the work of plumbing. You can learn this by working as an apprentice to an experienced plumber. Apprenticeship will provide you with skills and experience on running such business. If you’re already a skilled plumber, you can skip this part.  

The next thing you should do is take courses relevant to the plumbing trade. This will provide you education in the technical areas of plumbing business and other regulations.  

Step 2: Plan Your Business 

This is the phase where you decide what to focus on your business. You can either focus on selling tools and supplies or actual plumbing work and services. Other plumbing companies have a combination of these services. Survey your area to know the business model that has a great chance of success in your area. After this, write your business plan. The plan will help you organize and run the business. It will include the objective of your business, client analysis, pricing and projected costs and revenues.  

Step 3: Secure Funding 

The cost of your start-up plumbing business will vary based on your location and experience. That’s why a business plan is important. Attract investors who can put up money in exchange of financial interest. You can also look for a business partner who has connections and experiences in running a business.  

Step 4: Consider Opening a Franchise 

To make your plumbing business easy to start, you can consider opening a franchise of a brand and name of a major plumbing chain. However, franchising will make the business less flexible. It will still require you to have a substantial startup capital.  

Step 5: Register the Business 

The registration of your business will vary based on your area. Upon registration, demonstration is also necessary to prove that your business will abide by the safety regulations of plumbing services.  

Step 6: Purchase the Supplies 

Purchase the supplies you need, like tools and materials needed for the plumbing job. You will also need a transportation to make the job sites easy to visit. You can opt to buy new tools or use the ones you currently have.  

Step 7: Find an Office 

A plumbing business is not exempted from the location aspects of a business. The location should be where it is easily located. It should also be accessible with parking in case customers visit your office and ask about the services or buy some supplies. After choosing the location, you can start hiring workers if you need one.  

Common Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues can be an unavoidable aspect of owning a property. Though a couple of issues come with regular wear and tear on plumbing tools and aging fixtures, others might be caused by how particular systems are maintained and used. 

Here are a couple of common plumbing issues that might require you to search for “plumbers near me”: 

Clogged or Slow Drains 

If drainage issues aren’t tackled right away, they can cause health dangers and even plumbing catastrophes. Generally: 

  • Several Clogged or Slow Drains 

This can be a sign that you’ve got sewer line issues. When you see a couple of slow or clogged drains in the house, it is vital you contact a professional plumber to avoid a sewage backup in your house. This is particularly true if the issue starts with the drains in the lowest parts of the property. 

  • One Clogged or Slow Drain 

This typically means that an issue is restricted to that place of your property. These drain clogs commonly occur due to soap, hair, and other foreign materials that have just accumulated in the drain over time. Regular drain cleaning can be the best answer to this problem. 

Leaking Hose Bibb 

This problem is extremely popular in the summer and spring. After a cold and long winter, a lot of hose Bibbs that are not secured can start to leak due to cracks. A lot of professionals recommend investing in a frost-proof hose Bibb. This can lower the possibilities of having leaks in the future.  

Low Water Pressure 

Lower water pressure can make it hard to utilize almost every plumbing system in the house. Low water pressure is often a sign of a major plumbing issue. This includes: 

  • Blocked or cracked sewer lines 
  • Sewer or drain clogs 
  • Hidden water leaks in the house 
  • Corrosion in the pipe 

Running Toilets 

For those who don’t know, you can waste around 200 gallons of water every day if you have a running toilet. This is a lot of wasted water. On almost every occasion, the problems that cause running toilets include: 

  • Corroded toilet handles 
  • Wrong sized flapper chains 
  • Worn out flush valves or flapper seals 
  • Refill tube issues 

Leaky Pipes 

There are a lot of issues when it comes to leaky pipes. This includes: 

  • Excessive water pressure 
  • Cracked pipes or cracked seals 
  • Pipe joint damage 
  • Pipe corrosion 
  • Wrong pipe laying 
  • Stubborn clogs 

This common plumbing issue has to be repaired as soon as possible. It does not matter what is causing it. If you ignore this problem, it will only lead to more expensive damages both to your property and your plumbing system.  

Dripping Faucets 

This is an expensive, wasteful, and frustrating problem. These drips can often be caused by a faulty O-ring or washer. Of course, you can replace these components easily. On other occasions, wrong faucet installation or corrosion can be the issue. Ignoring this problem can lead to expensive bills. 

You should hire a professional plumber to examine the issue if a simple O-ring or washer replacement does not fix the problem.  

Things to Avoid During a Driving Lesson

Driving a car is perhaps one of the most important skills that every person should learn. If every person on the road knows how to drive a car properly and safely, vehicular accidents will greatly be reduced. 


One of the best ways to learn proper driving is to have driving lessons. So, if you want to learn how to drive through driving lessons, here are a couple of things you have to avoid doing: 

Do Not Stop Learning 

You probably know someone who thinks they know all the things about a particular topic. Perhaps they already finished their driving lessons and they believe they know all the things about cars and driving. You should not be this type of person. You need to learn more things from others. You shouldn’t stop learning. A professional instructor will teach you how to drive. However, there will always be some aspects that aren’t covered in the lessons, either because it is something that you can learn while driving or because they don’t have the time to teach it. 

Keep your eyes open for ways to enhance your driving skills, even when you’ve completed your driving lessons and passed the test. A couple of things can only be learned from experience. Thus, it’s always worth keeping in mind that passing the test is one thing, but constantly learning is another. 

Do Not Forget Your Glasses 

You might forget things that are essentially routine to you with a lot of other things going on. This is particularly true if you are a panicky person. One of these items is your glasses. Simply let the instructor know if you forget them. Your instructor can drive you to wherever you have left your glasses and you can begin your lesson from there. However, you should not force yourself to drive without glasses. It is simply not worth it. You might end up hurting your eyes and getting a headache. You don’t want these things to happen during your driving lessons, right? 

You Shouldn’t Panic 

A lot of professional driving instructors deal with nervous students all the time. That is the reason why most of them always tell drivers to “stop packing”. Most driving instructors will tell you to not panic when you sit in the car. Keep in mind that you aren’t the first person to learn to drive. Also, you have to keep in mind that you aren’t the worst student they will ever have unless you really are that bad. As long as you follow what the instructor tells you, you will be fine. The goal of the instructor is to help you.  

Holding up a bit of traffic is the worst thing that you’re probably going to do on your first driving lesson. However, you should know that every driver in the world has been in your place at some point. Every person has to learn to drive if they want to drive a car. That’s why you have to relax and try to enjoy the driving lessons.