Plumbing issues can be an unavoidable aspect of owning a property. Though a couple of issues come with regular wear and tear on plumbing tools and aging fixtures, others might be caused by how particular systems are maintained and used. 

Here are a couple of common plumbing issues that might require you to search for “plumbers near me”: 

Clogged or Slow Drains 

If drainage issues aren’t tackled right away, they can cause health dangers and even plumbing catastrophes. Generally: 

  • Several Clogged or Slow Drains 

This can be a sign that you’ve got sewer line issues. When you see a couple of slow or clogged drains in the house, it is vital you contact a professional plumber to avoid a sewage backup in your house. This is particularly true if the issue starts with the drains in the lowest parts of the property. 

  • One Clogged or Slow Drain 

This typically means that an issue is restricted to that place of your property. These drain clogs commonly occur due to soap, hair, and other foreign materials that have just accumulated in the drain over time. Regular drain cleaning can be the best answer to this problem. 

Leaking Hose Bibb 

This problem is extremely popular in the summer and spring. After a cold and long winter, a lot of hose Bibbs that are not secured can start to leak due to cracks. A lot of professionals recommend investing in a frost-proof hose Bibb. This can lower the possibilities of having leaks in the future.  

Low Water Pressure 

Lower water pressure can make it hard to utilize almost every plumbing system in the house. Low water pressure is often a sign of a major plumbing issue. This includes: 

  • Blocked or cracked sewer lines 
  • Sewer or drain clogs 
  • Hidden water leaks in the house 
  • Corrosion in the pipe 

Running Toilets 

For those who don’t know, you can waste around 200 gallons of water every day if you have a running toilet. This is a lot of wasted water. On almost every occasion, the problems that cause running toilets include: 

  • Corroded toilet handles 
  • Wrong sized flapper chains 
  • Worn out flush valves or flapper seals 
  • Refill tube issues 

Leaky Pipes 

There are a lot of issues when it comes to leaky pipes. This includes: 

  • Excessive water pressure 
  • Cracked pipes or cracked seals 
  • Pipe joint damage 
  • Pipe corrosion 
  • Wrong pipe laying 
  • Stubborn clogs 

This common plumbing issue has to be repaired as soon as possible. It does not matter what is causing it. If you ignore this problem, it will only lead to more expensive damages both to your property and your plumbing system.  

Dripping Faucets 

This is an expensive, wasteful, and frustrating problem. These drips can often be caused by a faulty O-ring or washer. Of course, you can replace these components easily. On other occasions, wrong faucet installation or corrosion can be the issue. Ignoring this problem can lead to expensive bills. 

You should hire a professional plumber to examine the issue if a simple O-ring or washer replacement does not fix the problem.