It is understandable to forget things especially when you are too anxious about something. This is something that many people experience when they are taking a test or having an important exam – and this is something that makes one frustrated.  

When doing driving lessons, there will be a point that you will need to have a driving exam to pass and be able to apply for a driving license — and yes, there is a chance that you might blow this up just because you forget one thing.  

In this article, we gathered some of the most common things that students taking a driving exam usually forget. Read through the article and avoid falling prey to these situations.  

Most of the students we interviewed usually forgot to: 

1. Be consistent with accelerating and breaking 

The one that administers the driving test wants to see a driver that is confident about how she/he handles the wheel on the road. This involves not having to break every time something difficult is being experienced on the road. It is important that you gently accelerate from any stop and you keep even pacing and speed while still driving before having a gentle stop at red lights or signs. Frequent sudden breaks and stops manifests anxiousness and unpreparedness.  

2. Follow a safe distance 

When you are taking a road test, it is important that you let the administrator see you are able to keep a safe distance from any car on the road. If someone is right behind you, slow down a bit to allow more space between you too. And oh, a pro tip that will help you gain extra points: inform your examiner why you back off a bit. If she is able to see your confidence on the decision you made, she/he will appreciate the judgment call.  

3.Overuse the signals rather than underuse them 

This is important because if you fail to use the signal in times of necessity, you will lose some points. So, when you are in doubt, always use the signal. It is better to play safe rather than create mistakes. 

4.Rushing through a parking lot 

Because this is something that most people believe they could show off, most drivers tend to rush on a parking lot. If you want to impress your examiner, we suggest that you avoid rushing and trying so hard to master the skill during the exam. There is a time for everything and having a driving exam is not the best time for showing off.  

It is better if you approach things very safely and slowly. Leave a good and safe distance between the other cars and yours. 

5.Learn how to do a good curve 

You will know that someone is a good driver when they curve smoothly. Well, this is something that most beginners fail to master. So, if you are taking the driving exam days after this day, we recommend that you practice this. Your examiner will not feel sure about your driving is she/he feels that you are jerking while doing a turn.  

We gave you five common things that most students taking a driving exam forget. It is now time for you to decide how to avoid and master all of these while you are still days far from the driving exam.